A FREE publication conceived in 1993 by former railroad engineer David Steel who use to pick up copies of a similar paper in a northern Montana.rail stop cafe.
Now after 20 years, there are over 250 Tidbits® papers being published across the US and into Canada.

Tidbits® of the North Metro was licensed and brought into the Twin City’s north suburban metro counties in 1996  By Falcon Prince Publishing 

Tidbits® is found in selected local eating establishments, food markets, retail outlets, medical facilities and other establishments deemed worthy of having it dropped off for their visiting patronage.
Characterized by the public phenomena of trivia pursuit, Tidbits® casually explores topics ranging from “Alaska” to “Route 66”, from “Ancient Civilizations” to the “1960's”, from “The History of Footwear” to “The Whitehouse”. It includes jokes, contests, puzzles, games, motivation and inspiration, household tips, and plenty of stuff readers never knew they never needed to know.

Our source of information is as unlimited as human knowledge itself
Tidbits® has endeared itself into the lives of a readership that is as diverse as its articles. We have no agenda, our only purpose is to entertain, provoke, occupy and arouse the reader’s mind while providing a refreshing break from controversial daily news topics and events.

A reading event that is a perfect connection for spurring people’s natural curiosity in the information age.
Unlike staring at a smart phone or computer screen and wondering what they should learn about next, Tidbit's readers enjoy its physical touch. They are often enticed by Tidbits  to seek out and boldly go to the world’s vast online information, reaching areas of interest they may have never gone to before.

Tidbits® offers a new method of print media connection.
For advertisers this established venue is truly a unique avenue for marketing a product or service. Our repeatedly engaged and often obsessed readership allows businesses to brand their name into the very heart of the communities they want to target.
As you can see, we are a different print media, and we encourage our clients to be different, and to distinguish themselves with novel and engaging messages to stand out in the often vanilla world of advertising.

Our staff is available and eager to help you develop statements and images that project the “sizzle in the meat”   of your product or service.
Read Tidbits®, you’ll find a list of distribution locations here in Realbits.com.  
We want to light a fire under your marketing efforts.

Tidbits®  Media Inc. out of Montgomery Alabama is the owner of the registered Trademark Tidbits and Licenses the paper to new publishers.
for information on strting a Tidbits in your area Call 1-800-523-3096