Testimonials From Advertisers

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We have been advertising with you for the past ten years or more and your paper has generated 75% of our resident findings for Majestic Greens apartments in Ham Lake, MN.  We still receive calls at least twice a week and we have not found it necessary to advertise anywhere else, we are fully occupied and continue a waiting list for future residents. You are always accommodating if we need to make a change in our ad if needed, it always makes our lives easier, we just pick up the phone or send an email.  We will continue to work with you in the future.Debra Marohn, Majestic Greens, LLC Property Manager

I have been in Tidbits since issue #25 in 1997 "The exposure I get is TREMENDOUS!  "I get business from it readers. I have and will always recommend it to other businesses" Laurie The Booketeria in Lexington"

Tidbits is great!  Staff is reachable and responds immediately to any changes or questions I might have.        Mike Thorsland /Nationwide Insurance"

"Tidbits helps get the word out through surrounding local businesses.  I would recommend Tidbits for this reason and also because they are very customer service friendly.  An economical way to advertise Glen Connelly/ Fleetwood Collision Center"

"I have received many clients from it.  People really do read it!"                    Allie Horita / Minnesota Clinical Studies

 "The Wright Team has been advertising in the Tidbits for many years, and it continues to be a positive experience. We consistently receive support and cooperation from the staff, and they always keep us informed as to any changes coming to the publication. We enjoy the wide spread name recognition that Tidbits has helped us to accomplish, but the best result from our ad has been the new business it brings to us. We look forward to many more years in Tidbits, thanks so very much!!  The Wright Team

"Tidbits keeps my name out there.  Coupons help me know how well the ad is doing It  definately works"  Mike Meath Pro-Kart Indoor Racing

Each member of the Gregory Stull Team has enjoyed reading Tidbits for years, so the idea to advertise in it was a no-brainer. We have gotten such a good response from the numerous times that we have appeared in Tidbits, that we would recommend it to anyone!

Greg Stull and the Gregory Stull Team



I just want to say thanks. Saw the great coverage in your paper on our service. I really appreciate your support and the value you gave this important service.   Becky Booker SBM Fire Department

“I have been very happy with the response to my articles in Tidbits.  People actually cut them out and save them for future reference.  I have had many calls from readers and new business!  Thanks Tidbits for making me famous.    Dean Hancy       PC Bits”

I get results, have been in Tidbits for over 8 years and it has definately paid for itself and some. The exposure is undeniable. Wayne Blosberg. "Blosberg Accounting"

Tidbits is the only advertising we do. It is very affordable and I know that they really care about our success. The response is evident every day by people saying they found out about our unique store through this unique paper. Doug and Kurt "KAS and Stuff"

Yes, you've been great to work with right on top of it with our ad changes. Lots of  feed back and we definately get business from Tidbits. Jenny Metty KARS child Care Center

Thanks to my ad in Tidbits of the North Metro, my business has grown exponentially.  Before placing my ad my business was completely word of mouth.  That meant my exposure was limited to the friends of people I had already done readings on.  Now, once a month my ad is seen by unlimited numbers of people and my phone rings several times a day as well as receiving daily hits on my website.  Every month my business grows larger thanks to my ad in Tidbits. Robin Allen / the reluctant Psychic.