What is the Paper Tidbits® ?

 A FREE publication conceived in 1993 with over 200 editions published across the country. It is owned and licensed by  Tidbits Media Inc. out of Montgomery Alabama.

Tidbits® of the North Metro was licensed by Falcon Prince Publishing and brought into the Twin Cities in 1996.  Since then it has enjoyed continuous growth and popularity.

Tidbits® has universal appeal. It’s editions explore topics ranging from “Alaska” to “Route 66”, from “Ancient Civilizations” to the “1960's”, from “The History of Footwear” to “The Whitehouse”. Each issue also contains jokes, contests, puzzles and games.  Syndicated editorial columns add to it’s intrigue while specialty sections  provide helpful consumer information.

 Why Tidbits Works

 Our source of information is as unlimited as human knowledge itself

Characterized by the public phenomena of trivia pursuit,  Tidbits® has endeared itself into the lives of a huge and continuously growing community of engaged readers. This readership is as diverse as its' articles. It's only agenda is to entertain, provoke, and arouse a reader’s mind.

Tidbits® is a positive reading event to be a part of.

As an established reading event enjoyed by an audited estimate of over 40,000 readers, local businesses have an exciting and unique way to gain community recognition. It is perfect for the placement of captivating advertisements, with guaranteed reader engagement.

Tidbits®  is and has always been a paper of choice.

Found in hundreds of local eating establishments, food markets, retail outlets, medical facilities and more, it  allows you to brand your name and message to a repeat readership, in the very heart of the communities that you want to target.

Tidbits® offers a new method of community connection.

We are a different print media and encourage our clients to distinguish themselves with novel and enriching advertisements.

Our staff is available and eager to develop a campaign that projects the “sizzle in the meat”   of your product or service.



"the little paper with a big impact”