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This Syndicated article is full of very interesting,  strange, and true information. Below is a sample.

· Juneau, Alaska, is the only state capital on an island (with the obvious exception of Honolulu, which doesn't really count because Hawaii is an island state). It's also the only state capital that's inaccessible by car. The city itself, of course, has roads, but they all dead-end a few miles outside town. The only way to get to Juneau is to take a boat or a plane.

· Most people would be more frightened of a cobra than of a tree frog -- it's a no-brainer. You might be surprised to learn, then, that the golden poison arrow frog is actually 66 times deadlier than a cobra. Although at any one time the cobra carries enough venom to kill 15 people, the golden poison arrow frog carries enough to kill 1,000 people. Of course, that probably won't be much consolation for the first 15 people bitten by the hypothetical cobra.

· Controversial radio personality Howard Stern was fired from his job as a college deejay.

 · Famed conqueror Alexander the Great had quite an ego (perhaps unsurprisingly). He named a total of 20 cities after himself -- including Alexandria, Egypt -- and even named one after his horse, Bucephalus.

· You may be surprised to learn that famed Minnesota author John Steinbeck majored in marine biology when he was in college.